ICT & FRIENDS 2023 at the Motorworld Metzingen

This year, the impressive forge hall of Motorworld Metzingen formed the backdrop for our in-house exhibition, ICT & Friends.

In recent years, event technology has continued to evolve, with precise control of movement becoming a critical requirement. From moving LED walls to floating stage sets, event professionals are increasingly turning to kinetic solutions to turn their creative visions into reality. At our booth, visitors had the opportunity to experience such solutions live and try them out for themselves.

Our bendable Curved LED modules were presented as LED Litfass pillars with a diameter of 1.8 meters. Thanks to their malleability in convex and concave shapes, they can be used to create a variety of organic structures - from 360-degree surfaces to sweeping curves and waves. The ultra-black surfaces and high refresh rate provide impressive contrast and create outstanding image quality. As we circled the column, we could experience this firsthand from every angle.

The brand new transparent "Muxwave" LED Screen celebrated its premiere here and triggered enthusiasm as well as creative discussions. Mounting on glass opens up a seamless and aesthetically pleasing presentation option by harmoniously integrating the transparent LED screen into existing architectural or shop window structures. The Muxwave LED screen thus offers versatile application possibilities for an effective and aesthetic content presentation.

In our "Virtual Production Setup" visitors got an insight into the future of broadcast production, shows, virtual production and presentations. By using live camera tracking, it was possible to move around in virtual worlds that could be changed in the blink of an eye. No matter what the scenario, time of day or setting - the dramaturgy could be adapted to individual needs in a matter of seconds thanks to real-time tracking.

How 3D content can be visualized on corner LEDs and how displays can be brought to life through innovative robot control was presented at two other exhibits.

With the help of our sustainable solution, the ICT SmartPoints, visitors had the opportunity to collect comprehensive information about the entire exhibition, the individual exhibits and about us. Each visitor received a ScanCard with which they could individually mark relevant topics or products. A personalized code could then be used to access the stored information via mobile device or PC.

We would like to thank all visitors, friends and colleagues for this successful event.

Project details

- Kinetic applications
- Curved LED
- Virtual Production
- Transparent LED Screens
- Moving Display 98″
- ICT SmartPoints
- Dynamic Robot Screens
- 3D LED


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