Google Pixel - Product Launch

Under the motto "Sci-Fi Supermall", the new Google Pixel 2 celebrates a brilliant premiere. For this occasion, ICT as general contractor with the appropriate event technology creates an intensive brand experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Already in the entrance area, the motto is the programme: a motion light consisting of 40 LED tubes including synchronous audio sound and Haze guides the visitors into the room. Information stands in the form of 35 displays await visitors there. Another highlight: a total of four 2.4 mm LED walls when entering the "Supermall" and two 2.4 mm LED walls in the dance floor area invite guests to interactively create atmospheric worlds of colour. The appropriate hall lighting and the sound system for the hall, including the DJ area, round off the technical equipment. The result is a rousing product party that guests will remember for a long time.

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Project details

- 40 LED tubes | synchronous audio and Haze
- 35 displays
- 4x 2.4 mm LED walls
-2x 2 .4 mm LED walls

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