EuroShop 2023

Gate to the Future

ICT presented the Gate to the Future for Retailers at Euroshop 2023 - the digital extension of retail.

Innovative technologies are indispensable for differentiating oneself in an increasingly competitive market. Individual brand store concepts are playing an increasingly important role. For example, architecturally deployed LED walls are played with generative content to enhance the brand experience and adapt individually to trends, moods, and situations.

Customized LED installations with 3D animations intensify the customer journey. Interactive displays enable customers to receive personalized promotions and information at the point of sale.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing how customers experience and test products.

Our ICT SmartPoints were also presented. Customers can use a ScanCard to individually note all the products or topics that are relevant to them. Using a personalized code, they can then access them via mobile device or PC, regardless of time and place.

The SmartPoints data can be used not only to see which products are particularly popular, but also on which days and at which times of day particularly many customers come and which walking routes customers prefer. Optionally, customer contacts can even be generated through registration.

We have shown retailers how they can successfully use these technological developments to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.

Project details

- Curved LED with generative recording
- ICT SmartPoints
- Corner LED with 3D animated content
- OLED displays with interactive content
- Augmented Reality (AR) applications
- Dynamic Robot Screens


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