Congress Center - Munich Trade Fair

Renewal of the display areas in the foyer of the International Congress Center Messe München

As part of the renovation of the foyer of the International Congress Center Messe München, two hanging LED walls and one wall-mounted LED wall were installed. The aim of the project was to replace the existing Seamless Displays with state-of-the-art LED technology to provide visitors with an impressive visual experience.

Each of the hanging LED walls features High Brightness Unilumin LED technology with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm and a brightness of 1,200 nit. The dimensions of each LED wall are approximately 4.9 m × 2.7 m.

In order to install the new LED walls, we adapted the substructure accordingly and provided seamless cladding to ensure aesthetically pleasing integration into the trade show foyer.

In addition, another LED wall was also installed, which blends in well with the architecture. Here, too, the existing Seamless Displays were replaced by an LED wall with a pixel pitch of 1.5 mm and a brightness of 1,200 nit. The dimensions of this LED wall also correspond to approx. 4.9 m × 2.7 m.

As with the hanging LED walls, the substructure for the wall LED wall was adapted and provided with a matching cladding for the appropriate aesthetics. In addition to the installation of the new LED walls, ICT is also responsible for service and maintenance at the International Congress Center of Messe München.


Project details

- 2 LED Unilumin 2,5 mm High Brightness 1.200nit; each approx. 4,9 × 2,7 m
- Substructure with cladding
- PC feed
- OneLED Unilumin 1.5 mm High Brightness 1.200 nit; approx. 4.9 × 2.7 m
- Substructure adapted by us with cladding

- PC feed

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