Telekom - T-Gallery

Welcome to the fascinating world of the T-Gallery - a place of wonder, discovery and sharing about our future lifestyle!

The T-Gallery, brought to life by the renowned Deutsche Telekom, is far more than just an ordinary space - it is an innovative laboratory that opens the gates to the future. As an inspiring and flexible space, it is constantly reinventing itself, creating the ideal breeding ground for stimulating discussions and creative ideas. At the heart of this unique concept are people's needs and desires, because T-Gallery has made it its mission to shape the future together with its valued clientele.

Here in the T-Gallery, Deutsche Telekom's visionary strategy is made tangible and brought to life. A place where customer experiences are not only understood, but also vividly presented. The focus here is on close networking and collaborative working to set the course together for an exciting future.

Since 2009, our company has accompanied the T-Gallery as a reliable partner. As a leading system integrator for media technology and service expert for IT and MT operations, we ensure that this innovative space can unfold its full effect. Thanks to state-of-the-art automation technology, a small, well-coordinated operating team of 2 to 3 people ensures the smooth implementation of hybrid and digital formats. In this way, the T-Gallery always remains exciting, because regular conversions and new installations constantly create new facets, which we look after and accompany with our first-class service.

Step into the T-Gallery and be enchanted by a world of innovation and inventiveness. Here you can expect visions of the future that are within your grasp and a place that encourages dialogue about our shared lifestyle. Be part of a groundbreaking movement that will lead us all into an exciting future!

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