The TV hit show of the year. SCHLAGERBOOOM presented by Florian Silbereisen, promises not only top-class stars, but also an impressive production. ICT relies on technical excellence and transports eight imposing 40-ton trailers full of state-of-the-art media and television technology to the event. A true technological tour de force!

With an impressive total area of over 500 m² of LED surfaces shining with a total of 19,654,656 pixels, ICT creates a stunning visual environment. From solar panels that provide environmentally friendly energy to sliding LED cubes and even an interactive dance floor - all facets of state-of-the-art technology find their place on the stage. The result is a stage setting that not only fascinates, but captivates the audience.

To ensure that viewers at home don't miss a single detail of the mega event, ICT is on site with the state-of-the-art Moviebird 45 and ABC 100 camera cranes. These mobile camera technologies enable the show to be captured from the most breathtaking angles, creating a thrilling viewing experience.

However, the focus is not only on visual brilliance, but also on image monitoring. A total of 35 first-class displays are used to present performance previews and production equipment in the highest quality. This ensures that every moment and detail of the show is perfectly accentuated.

"SCHLAGERBOOOM - DAS INTERNATIONALE SCHLAGERFEST" is an impressive joint production of the renowned broadcasters ARD, SRF and ORF in close cooperation with Jürgens TV. This grandiose interplay of talented artists, technical brilliance and creative staging promises an unforgettable television experience for Schlager fans worldwide.

Project details

- 500 m² LED
- solar panels
- movable LED cubes
- interactive LED floor
- camera cranes Moviebird 45 and ABC 100
- media control and image monitoring
- 35 displays


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