Modern live communication with which we have already reached over 100,000 customers!

Exhibition halls are empty. Events are cancelled. Congresses with hundreds of participants on site are out of the question. That nothing works - we should plan for that until the first half of 2022. A short-term change or even a return to the "old normality" is not in sight. Companies face more than one question: How do we continue to reach our customers? How does communication remain personal, the brand presence professional? What opportunities does the current situation offer?

Our answer: HYBRID VENUE.

What exactly is it about?

With HYBRID VENUE, we have created a method that clearly outperforms purely digital formats. It is not just a matter of transferring a previous presence event into digital communication. Rather, the real event is digitally extended. In this way, we combine the best of both worlds: the unmistakable atmosphere of an on-site event is given an enormous digital reach.

What are the advantages of the concept?

Whether it's a trade fair appearance, product launch or networking event: corporate communication thrives on interaction and experiences. Digital events that leave participants sitting idly in front of the screen are certainly not among them. With HYBRID VENUE, your narrative, your story can be transported far beyond the confines of the building. Emotions can be depicted and also reach digital participants. Interactive elements ensure real participation. Instead of tired eyes, the digital visitor receives a real experience value that remains in the memory.

What are the options?

The HYBRID VENUE method comprises versatile individual formats, each of which can be customised:

Hybrid Event
Hybrid Showroom
Hybrid Booth

We take overall responsibility for your hybrid projects and provide conceptual advice. Our portfolio also includes multimedia locations throughout Germany, which our customers can use on a short-term and time-limited rental basis. Fully equipped with the latest technology, this not only offers significant cost advantages, but also shorter production lead times and more effective productions themselves.


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