Hybrid showrooms: The perfect solution in times of crisis

Sales rooms like those used at trade fairs or in traditional showrooms are not available to anyone at the moment. HYBRID SHOWROOM closes this communication gap and puts you back in business. With excellent technology and compelling content, you can reach your customers everywhere - the hybrid future knows no boundaries.

A clear alternative for unusual trade fairs: HYBRID SHOWROOM.

How do hybrid presentations work in the B2B sector?

Equipped with professional camera, lighting, sound and broadcast technology, a hybrid showroom provides the ideal venue for your product and brand presentation. Real exhibits are complemented by versatile media such as keynotes or videos. Your product is too big for a showroom? 3D animations in AR look allow a detailed presentation in a more compact format. To involve the digital audience, voting or question rounds to experts are offered. This keeps your presentation interactive and engaging for small and large groups of participants.

What advantages do hybrid presentations offer for your communication?

Qualified consultations and the presentation of your products and technologies are possible without any problems despite the physical separation from the customer. In this way, you remain in contact with customers worldwide even after the Corona pandemic and constantly expand your network. In addition, a HYBRID SHOWROOM opens up the possibility of a brand-specific customer journey through the range of products or services. Presentations are adapted to your company's CI both visually and in terms of content. High-resolution real-time renderings in the company colours, product-specific AR animations or expert contributions: real products are presented in a highly emotional way. The exclusive ambience can be felt both digitally and in reality.

Proof of success - Hybr.id Space in Hanover

Together with our partner Holtmann, we set standards in 2020: The Hybr.id Space in Hanover was the first HYBRID SHOWROOM for the trade fair construction industry. Innovation can be experienced here. Numerous companies have already been able to use this location successfully and are sustainably enthusiastic.

HYBRID SHOWROOM is our solution in times of crisis. We take overall responsibility for your event and provide you with conceptual advice. Our portfolio also includes multimedia locations all over Germany that our customers can use on a short-term and temporary rental basis.


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