Studio integration


In coopration with our clients, we transform individual requirements into customized studio solutions.

ICT AG specializes in the design, planning, and installation of media technology solutions in studios, with a particular focus on integrating LED technologies. We utilize customized LED types and configurations from renowned manufacturers worldwide to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Our expertise in our in-house kinetics and constuction department enables us to directly plan and implement extraordinary concept requirements.


HSE Studio3 curved LED
Mercedes Benz advertising shooting HALOSTAGE 09

Corporate Studio

A state of the art studio, custom-designed to meet your requirements and use cases, covering a wide range of applications.

As a media technology integrator, we offer tailor-made studio solutions for your corporate or business TV. These solutions can include smaller LED studios for web streaming, as well as large UHD sets with camera robots and tracking.

Our concepts are suitable for a variety of applications, from conferences and live streams to shareholder meetings, social media productions, and live events with hybrid extensions, including AR and VR applications.

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Corporate Studio: 16×5 m curved LED


— Size from 5×4 to 15×6 m
— Pixel pitch of the LED approx. 1.5 – 1.9 mm
— High brightness
— Curved or straight LED Panels
— 2D and 3D workflow

Film and
Broadcast Studio

A fully-equipped LED studio that can be used both virtually and traditionally. Here, you have everything you need to realize broadcast, live, advertising, and film productions.

The advantages of this technology provide flexibility and multiple use for different broadcasting formats. The studio can also integrate remote and IP-based systems, as well as AR, VR, and cloud technologies.

This makes the studio a versatile tool for various film formats and offers a wide range of possibilities for implementing creative ideas.

Film- and Broadcast Studio: 27x6 m LED with soft corner, 3 LED ceilings and mobile LED Wall "Bling Gate"
Play Video about Film and broadcast studio: 27x6 m LED with rounded corners, 3 LED ceilings and mobile LED wall "Bling Gate".

Film- and Broadcast Studio: 27×6 m LED with soft corner, 3 LED ceilings and mobile LED Wall “Bling Gate”

Photo and Product Studio

A smaller studio setup for product photography, product videos and webcasts that you can run yourself or use remotely.

A product studio is versatile and, unlike traditional analog studios, the LED wall allows unlimited creative possibilities for the content.

Photo and Product Studio: 6x3 m curved LED
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Photo and Product Studio: 6×3 m curved LED


LED as a modular system

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Kinetics and construction techniques enable, among other, pneumatic dynamics for flexible and movable LED walls.


Mobile LED Wall "Bling Gate

3 Bling gates
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Bling gate back
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Bling gate recording
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Bling gate recording without tracking shot
Play Video about Bling Gate Casting Without Camera Movement

The manually movable LED wall “Bling Gate” generates targeted reflections and is made of the same material and pixel pitch as the LED backdrop.



Cold LED

Cold LEDs are based on common cathode LEDs and feature dynamic energy-saving technology, allowing for a significant reduction in power consumption and heat emissions.

Curved LED

The flexibly curved LED panels allow a variety of homogeneous shapes without creating visual edges and shadows.


Our media technology installation department develops holistic concepts that include all necessary aspects such as design, control, mechanics and metal construction. We work completely in-house to achieve a perfectly functioning solution.


Kinetics enables horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional movement of LED walls. For example, through rotations, openings, closings, lowering or raising as well as moving on the floor. Our experts develop customized kinetics and control solutions for integrated media technology.


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