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We open ways
for simulation and
test environments.

BMW FaSi gate 03
BMW FaSi gate night 01
BMW FahrSi Gate 01
BMW FaSi gate 360 03



For the perfect staging, we equip simulators, film and television studios.

Our media technology includes cold LED walls, tracking, audio, IT hardware, signal management, mechanical, software, virtual, augmented and mixed realities.

We create seamless visual surfaces with high definition LED. Custom design. Kinetic and content design. Matching LED technology. That's how we realize the perfect total solution.


A new world

- 360° immersive experience
- Frequency up to 240 Hz
- Low latency
- Stereoscopic and active 3D
- Realistic content
- No smearing effect
- Cold LED
- High brightness | True black image
- Matched mechanics
- Motion tracking 

Simulation LED Angular Cave Features 01


LED as a game changer

Simulation LED 360 Cave Flight

Nahtlose 360°-Oberfläche

Simulation LED 360 Cave interior 1

Realistic immersion

Simulation LED 360 Cave Gate 1

Customized kinetics

Simulation LED 360 Cave interior 01 1

High brightness

Simulation LED 360 Cave Car 02

No smearing effect

Simulation LED 360 Cave Helicopter 1

Low latency


Your individual solution

Engineering made in Germany

Since 1988, we have been creating solutions by combining unique product worlds and technologies.

Special construction

We like standards, but we love special requirements. Our DNA lies in developing special solutions.

LED Research & Development

Finding innovations, developing new things - if there is no existing product for the right solution, we create it with our manufacturing partners.

Customer service

Maintenance or the complete operation of complex installations - our focus is on a sustainable customer relationship.

Full-service partner

From planning to installation to customer service, we are involved in all project phases with our own personnel. In this way, we create synergies and avoid communication gaps.


Project development

Conception | Initiation
Solution development | Planning
Introduction | Execution
Power | Control
Service | Maintenance
Driving Simulation Center - BMW Group

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