#HybridMeetUp 2021

We treat ourselves to another review of the #HybridMeetUp 2021 📸

A hybrid live event in which we not only connected two locations, but also merged participants physically on site in Stuttgart and Hanover as well as digitally across Germany into one large audience.
#HybridIsTheNewNormal - we believe in this and look forward to exciting projects with customers and partners! We have made it clear with our event what this can look like.

Of course, we would also like to say "Thank you!" in this sense:
Thank you to the team that worked behind the scenes to make sure everything went smoothly.
Thank you to our speakers and moderators for their terrific performances.
And of course THANK YOU to all the participants who filled the event with life.

#ThankYou #WeLoveHybrid #BePartOfANewDecade #HITNN #GoingHybrid #BackToLive #ictxholtmann #LetsTalkHybrid #LiveCommunication #DigitalLive

hybr.id_space Holtmann+ Claudia Bechstein Felix Plötz - Keynote Speaker Oliver Schneider Heike Bartels


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