Digital live communication has never been so easy!

The production of professional brand and product presentations from hybrid studios is one thing above all: complicated and time-consuming. Really? Together with our partner OCTANORM, we have developed an all-in-one solution that opens up new and, above all, simple possibilities for hybrid B2B communication.


Challenges in digital live communication

In addition to a lack of know-how in the area of streaming, the semi-professional camera work with smartphones or tablets leads to an unattractive overall appearance. Changing locations or settings make a uniform appearance difficult. Last but not least, participants of digital or hybrid events tire of monotonous PowerPoint presentations without reference to the presenter. These inconsistencies can nip the success of digital and hybrid events in the bud.

The solution: Mobile compact studio

The HYBRID KIT is a mobile studio equipment consisting of an OCTANORM support system with individually printable fabric walls and an LED wall as well as streaming and sound control, camera technology, basic lighting and a preview display. The special feature: It is ready for use within one day - at your venue! Its free-standing construction does not require ballasting and allows flexible assembly and dismantling. Moreover, it can be scaled to individual needs and additionally adapted to the corporate identity of the respective company.

Staying in touch - digital, hybrid, professional

Whether it's a product launch, press conference, meeting or expert talks: the HYBRID KIT creates a professional atmosphere with little effort. Despite simplified implementation, hybrid corporate communication remains brand-appropriate, elegant and interactive. The system functions like an exhibition stand and can establish itself as an effective sales opportunity within a few days. Despite spatial distance, customer contact remains and the acquisition of qualified leads can be done conveniently from your premises.


All technical information and details can be found here.

Your contact person:
Volker Munderich

+49 174 3090290


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