In the future, trade fairs will become more digital and reach an even larger audience

The fair is a marketplace for everyone and thrives on personal exchange, chance encounters, new, unplanned contacts. Also in the future. But what impact will the developments during the pandemic have in the long term? We believe in a return to lively trade fair activity. With some changes. Fairs will become smaller, they will become more digital and, above all, they will have fewer visitors than before. Why? Because international travel behaviour will only return to normal over the course of several years. And even then it remains to be seen whether people will travel as much as before. Yes, the urge for personal meetings is enormous. But when that is satisfied, won't the economic side of travel also become a significant issue? We assume that there will be more digital communication in general.

The trade fair stand of the future: HYBRID BOOTH.

Trade fairs come back - changed!

As soon as the exhibition halls of the world are allowed to open their doors again, this opportunity for B2B communication will once again take on enormous importance for brand positioning. However, with some innovations: The trend towards digitally enhanced and hybrid formats will continue. Exhibition stands will not only be designed for a real audience, but also for a digital one. The absolute competence on the trade fair stand will not only be experienced face-to-face, but also online. Trade fair companies must also adapt to this. For digital presentations, there should be the opportunity for interactive visits and sessions one or two days before the regular public. And that offers many opportunities!

Hybrid exhibition stands = more reach

Hybrid means that digital visitors come to the stand as well as real ones. This significantly increases the reach of the stand and its messages. The digital expansion enables a significantly larger audience to access the fair and thus the company and its products. In the future, stands can even become somewhat smaller and still more innovative. In addition, the use of reusable elements such as LED walls saves resources. Furthermore, the reduced travel leads to a more positive CO2 balance in relation to the trade fair appearance.

Successful performance through interaction and participation

To ensure that the visitor experience is equally intense for the real and digital audience, the trade fair stand must be conceived and designed as a hybrid. Digital visitors are connected via video conferencing and are given various opportunities to interact. Studio-based equipment allows them to explore the stand. They can take part in product demonstrations, have conversations with experts or experience chance encounters in the form of break-outs. This not only creates a lasting experience for the digital guests, but also achieves networking among all participants, as is customary for the trade fair.

With our appearance at the Kölnmesse in November 2020 in cooperation with Holtmann and OCTANORM, we were already able to present a successful example of HYBRID BOOTH. Our experience and technical know-how in the field of hybrid trade fairs make us the ideal partner for your trade fair offensive of the future. We take overall responsibility for your projects and also advise you on the concept.


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