The end of the project: The beginning

You might think that the project ends with the handover to the company. True enough. The project was completed in full: In time, in budget, in quality, in scope. Between the first budget indication, the commissioning and the implementation, there was not a single supplement. In fact, all change requests were implemented within budget. We have learned that it is definitely an advantage when concept and implementation are in one hand. But the project is not really finished yet.

With the handover of operations, the planning and implementation team says goodbye. The operations team takes over. In our specific case, these are, on the one hand, employees on site who come from tourism and facility management. And on the other hand, they are the colleagues who ensure remote operation. It is much more cost-effective to provide centralised operating services than to have separate staff for each location.

For this project, we decided on a soft launch. This means a regular operation with visitors, but before the official opening. In this phase, the planned operating procedures are put into practice and tested many times. Changes are immediately incorporated into the operational concept.


The operation is secured, the location goes "on air", it is marketed. Now we will see how the location is received. An additional factor of tension is currently the corona pandemic. It remains to be seen when and how tourism will pick up again. In addition to tourists, professional addressing of the event market will also be an important part of marketing. The use of the Experience Centre as an event location was already taken into account in the conception phase. And rightly so! After all, who else can offer a spectacular location at an altitude of over 3000 m that also meets the most modern standards?


All information on "Zooom - The Matterhorn" can be found here.


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