tvThe Halostage MK I

The HALOSTAGE Mk I is situated in Babelsberg inside Studio 10 within the fx Center since June 2021. Mk I is about flexibility. The volume and the shape may be changed for every production and be adjusted even during production.

It offers a Mixed Reality Production-ready sound stage for fictional film productions. Comprising up to 1100 sqm of LED wall, ceiling and floor, the studio offers maximum flexibility for shooting. The latest Unreal Rendering farm, ARRI optimized light and camera equipment, advanced tracking systems and a full equipped digital village with up to 600 TB data storage provide the full-scale studio including all virtual production team members.

Who should read this and why?

Producer. Halostage is not only a studio. It is about the Mixed Reality Production Process which enables significant cost cuttings BTL. Filming may take place inside a studio more often and reduces on location filming heavily.

Director and Director of Photography. Replacing the green screen by high-resolution LED screens, acting no longer happens without visual context: The set and stage is complete. Actor, Director and DoP see instantly what they get rather than awaiting Post Production.

Writer and story runner. Using virtual sets enable new options in story telling. It helps to understand their potential, and we provide workshops inside the studio.

VFX Supervisor. Uncharted creative territories and potential are offered as full virtual set, partially integrated into an existing set.

Production Manager. Preproduction becomes more relevant to the production process. Now, sets may be loaded in seconds, not built in days or weeks.



– Flexible shapes (The Wide U, The Hockey Stick, The Hockey Stick, The Open Stadium, The 270)

– Pre Vizz Tool

– Cinematographic optimized LED modules (from 2.6 mm pitch, for the vertical LED, pixel pitches are available in 2.3 mm, 1.8 mm, 1.5 mm and 0.9 mm upon request)

– Gates and Options (The Half Dome, The Full Dome, The Bling Gate, The PiP Gate, The Dance Floor, The Nautilus Curve, The Fillets

– Lighting and Cameras


Erik Wolff

Phone. +49 7025 102335

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