WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019

6th & 7th June | CityCube Berlin

You are in need of the real cool stuff?

Large media walls, complex exhibits, stunning kinetics, sensors … ! And at least you need someone who really knows how to get all the installations done, who is experienced with leading brands on their trade shows, events, show rooms and retail stores?

Then, you are more than welcome at ICT. Our team of 200 specialists from design, prototyping, store fitting, exhibition stand construction, equipping TV shows and more is at your hand. We maintain one of the largest inventories on AV technology and teams to staff even large cross country projects.

Our core team supports developers with leading edge hardware, display walls to test applications and content. We see a rather growing need to have the target hardware at hand during development and production.

We set the stage for leading brands using AV technology, 3D content, interactive applications, AR applications and VR and AR exhibits.

Want to know more?
Michiel Kruit and Nico Kühne will help you. Give them a call or text him.

Michiel Kruit
Leiter Vertrieb | Berlin

Phone +49 30 47008562
E-Mail michiel.kruit@ict.de

Nico Kühne
Head of Creative Software Development

Phone +49 7025 102723
E-Mail nico.kuehne@ict.de