The application design: Hollywood meets Silicon Valley

The IT architecture in the "Zooom" has been divided into three segments at application level:

    1. Passive film content that is consumed by the visitors.
    2. Active application content that can be influenced, contributing to a more emotionally intense experience.
    3. The indispensable operating level applications that enable smooth operations

"Zooom 1" is the name of the production in which visitors use paragliders to explore the Matterhorn. The latest VR goggles are used for this. The experience shows a certain reluctance and uncertainty among users of all ages. All the more so when, as here, you can look up, down, in front and behind. Therefore, the film, which can be consumed passively, is aimed at people who like to be guided and enjoy the Matterhorn that way. Those who want more can choose the active mode. Here, a 3D model of the Matterhorn and its surroundings was created from the extensive film material (Episode 2). This can be freely explored like in a video game.

Behind the scenes, the precisely designed operating application ensures problem-free support for the Experience Centre. It starts with staff scheduling, leads to operating status messages in a classic Network Operating Centre (NOC) and ends with the control of the operating environment on site. Whereas in the past it was mainly the complexity of connecting the locations that had to be overcome, today we have a stable broadband Internet supply. This is so powerful that, in addition to application updates, even content updates can be imported remotely.

For the application landscape, in addition to many parameters and measured variables, considerations and regulations around data protection also play a major role. In addition, there are technical basics such as database and communication infrastructure. This is rounded off by security systems that prevent unauthorised access. So all in all, perhaps it is a very normal project after all?


All information on "Zooom - The Matterhorn" can be found here.


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