Concentration through innovation:

With interactive presentation solutions from ICT AG.

Let’s be honest: How often have you participated in a presentation and wished that it would be finished quickly?

No wonder, most companies are still using standard products such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Visio or Keynote. These days however, the audience need to be impressed and the contents must be presented in an interactive, multi-media, and innovative manner.

This is when the interactive presentation solutions from ICT AG come into play: Customized, multi-touch capable software specially developed for your individual requirements. It does not matter whether you are using presentation platforms such as Ventuz or Watchout or if you would like to use Multi-touch Tables like the Samsung SUR40.

We would be glad to show you personally how innovative and effective such a solution is. And naturally because we use our own software for this, you will not only be impressed by our presentation solutions but also by the presentation itself. 

Application examples:

  • Interactive Walls
  • Interactive Shop-windows
  • Interactive Panorama projection