Bank-Branch of the Future: „Meeting Point extend“

Permanent Installation, System Solution, 2012

Multi-media BW-Bank Branch in Sindelfingen

The BW-Bank (Stuttgart) has set a benchmark with regard to innovative customer approach with a bank branch format which is up to now unique in Germany: In the branch which opened at the end of January 2012 at the Breuningerland Shopping Mall in Sindelfingen, the BW-Bank presents bank products and services connected to their special account “extend” like in a fashion and lifestyle shop. The „Meeting Point extend“, as the branch is called, invites people to visit the bank with its open architecture and makes their visit an experience with a multi-media installation which is unusual for a bank. The multi-media core of the branch is an interactive media table on which customers can playfully delve into the extend world of experience and „experience“ information on the extra service of BW extend. ICT Innovative Communication Technologies AG (Kohlberg), specialists for extraordinary multi-touch applications, implemented this interactive exhibit with their intuitive presentation software „smartPerform“ and were also responsible for other Display-Installations as well as for the programming of a complex media control for the media in the innovative bank branch.

Touch point media table

The media table, which appeals above all to a younger audience in particular due to its innovative technology, can be intuitively operated like an over-sized Smartphone. Emotionalization of the bank’s offer is achieved by the display of moving images on the table and its multi-touch capability which enables several users to start their interactive voyage of discovery simultaneously. Additionally, hidden loudspeakers integrated in the multi-touch table use the body of the table as a loudspeaker membrane for a sound pressure transducer resulting in a correspondingly sensitive sound. If required, the contents selected on the media table can also be displayed in large format on a Seamless Display Wall positioned behind the table. The content for the media table – independent of data format – is centrally updated by the headquarters in Stuttgart using smartPerform and visualized on the BW-Bank-Design user interface. Due to the simple operation and flexibility of smartPerform, content and layout updates or changes can be accomplished centrally by the corresponding specialist department of the BW-Bank without programming knowledge. The updated contents are then automatically installed on all of the branch systems. smartPerform therefore offers the possibility of implementing the continuously changing BW-Bank themes simply, budget sensitively, and timely – advantages which are particularly relevant with regard to the development of further branches as extend meeting points. The integration of smartPerform in the IT-Security concept of the BW-Bank additionally guarantees the high security standard which the BW-Bank demands for hardware and software technologies for the presentation software.

Complex media control

As well as the interactive media table, the innovative room concept is rounded off with Display-Installations in the lounge and Ticket-Counter area showing emotional movies on various extend themes. ICT programmed a complex AMX media control for the entire system, which can be controlled via Netbook or via Web-browser. Using the control, various feeds can be switched for the different output devices. Furthermore, manual adjustments such as loudspeaker control on the exhibits for example can be achieved via the media control. ICT pre-programmed three scenarios for the time controlled sequence of the system taking the opening times of the bank into account and switching on and off all devices accordingly with more than 16 timer programming. The graphic design of the control interface was also implemented by ICT according to the Corporate Design of the BW-Bank, thus enabling a clear and intuitive control of the system. Using this extraordinary, unconventional total concept, which is strongly characterized by emotional content and the content flexibility of the multi-media installations, the BW-Bank can present itself over and over again in a new style and become an attraction point with a continuously changing experience factor. 

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